Who was eliminated from The Voice season 25 episode 14? Remaining contestants and more details explored

The Emmy Award-winning singing competition series The Voice follows a five-part unique format: Blind auditions, battle rounds, knockouts, playoffs, and live shows. On season 25 episode 14, mentors Maluma and Saweetie helped coaches John Legend and Dan + Shay send their team’s three best playoff performers to the next round.

Minus the six players who headed to The Voice live shows, contestants eliminated in episode 14 include Kamalei Kawa’a, Anya True, Olivia Rubini, and Mafe. The Voice season 25 episode 14, Playoffs Premiere, was released exclusively on NBC at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, April 22, 2024. The episode synopsis reads as stated below:

“Coaches John Legend and Dan + Shay enlist the help of superstar mentors as their remaining artists hold nothing back during the playoffs; tough decisions are made as each coach can only advance three artists to the live shows.”

Remaining contestants on The Voice Season 25

On The Voice season 25 playoffs,Dan + Shay announced that Madison Curbelo, Karen Waldrup, and Tae Lewis were the three participants heading to live shows. Meanwhile, John selected Nathan Chester, Zoe Levert, and Bryan Olesen from his team to advance to the live performances.

The first performer on the singing stage was Nathan Chester, from Team Legend. Nathan’s cover of Oh! Darling impressed all judges, with Reba calling it the “best performance ever.” Dan + Shay shared their remarks that Nathan made someone else’s song his own.

His vocal ability had grasped the audience, and John pointed out that as a mentor, he could feel Chester’s “enthusiasm” and “great execution.” According to John, Nathan was worthy of performing on the live shows.

The next contestant to make it to the next round was Karen Waldrup from Team Dan + Shay. After her hooking performance of Heart Like a Truck, Karen’s mentors appreciated her hard work and progress in the competition. They told Karen that her ability to connect with the lyrics made the song more beautiful.

Reba shared that she wanted Karen on her team but was blocked during the blind auditions. Chance, on the other hand, told The Voice contestant that she “captivates the audience.”

One of the main highlights of episode 14 was Bryan Olesen’s performance, after which Shay called him a superstar. The guitar in his Africa cover suited his voice and vocal control range. Meanwhile, Chance thought his power to “control the crowd” and “create a moment” while singing was applaudable.

Bryan’s mentor, John, praised him for his stage presence. Bryan’s self-expression through singing captivated the audience and made his performance look like a concert.

The Voice season 25 episode 14 playoffs concluded with Madison Curbelo and Tae Lewis’ performances. The Dan + Shay team contestants sang Landslide and Runnin’ Outta Moonlight under Saweetie’s guidance and mentorship.

According to Dan and Shay, Tae “showcased his range” in his performance, and Madison’s soulful voice reaches “straight to the soul,” which is why they were selected for the next round.

From John’s team, Zoe Levert was also sent to the live shows after she received a standing ovation at the end of her Iris performance. All the coaches were rooting for her and called her performance the best of the night. Chance said the performance was so good that Zoe could release an official cover of this song and it would be a hit.

Stream The Voice season 25 every week on Mondays and Tuesdays exclusively on NBC at 8 p.m. ET. Fans can also watch the newly released episodes on Peacock or Fubo TV. Streaming platforms such as Hulu or YouTube TV are great alternative options as well.

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